These are our agreements

  • Higher Polytechnic Life Institute - Lubango - Angola

  • Kolping Institution, Uruguay

  • Facvest University Center, Lages Campus, Santa Catarina, Brazil

  • Latin American University - ULAT- Cochabamba - Bolivia

  • School and Liceum "Elbio Fernández" - Society of Friends of Popular Education - SAEP

  • National University of Tres de Febrero -UNTREF, Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Instituto Universitario Argentinian Business School -IUEAN- Argentina

  • Teacher Education Institute - MEC - Paraguay

  • Integrated Regional University of Alto Uruguai e as Missoes -URI, Brazil


Recent agreements


IUSUR Latin American Center for Political and Economic Studies of China. 

On June 21, 2016, the IUSUR rector and the president of CLEPEC, José Francisco Cafiero, signed the framework agreement between both institutions, in order to further development of institutional activities with counterparts in China.


National University of Cuyo -UnCuyo- Mendoza, Argentina 

At the request of the University of Cuyo - began the process of signature of a framework agreement, oriented to the development of an ambitious project of internationalization and educational innovation, like the project of an Interinstitutional Program of Postgraduate Training on Management of Internationalization in the University, whose committee will be composed as well by IUSUR. The participating institutions of the Program will meet in the second half of the year in Mendoza, Argentina.

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t. Uruguay - 00 598 24014185 
c. Brasil - 00 55 51 9555 3055 
c. Uruguay - 00 598 99 627 964 


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