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In January 2014, Dr. Marialva Moog Pinto and Dr. Enrique Martinez began to organized and began to teach a Master's program in higher education in the city of Lubango, in the People's Republic of Angola, oriented to advanced training of Angolan teachers.

Over time emerged new needs of teachers and institutions in Angola, Brazil, Uruguay, among other countries, that made visible the need to organize as an University Institute.

In May 2015, in Montevideo was established the non-profit Foundation and in September the University Institute IUSUR is proposed to recogntion at the Ministry of Education of Uruguay.

In February 2016 IUSUR is expected to start its academic activities during the proceedings for the official approval.

Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola
Cursos en Angola

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Pascual Gattás s/n, Parada 7 , entre San Francisco y California, Punta del Este, Uruguay CP 20100. Punta del Este, Uruguay

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t. Uruguay - 00 598 24014185 
c. Brasil - 00 55 51 9555 3055 
c. Uruguay - 00 598 99 627 964 


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