Master in Education


Master in Education

The Master Degree in Education (MDE) Program

The Master of Education is a postgraduate academic program of the South-American University Institute and Foundation – IUSUR -.

The faculty staff is composed by international teachers and researchers from several countries, mainly from Uruguay, Argentine, and Brazil

The master degree has been submitted   in September 1st 2015 to the Ministry of Education and Culture - MEC- Uruguay.

The master degree postgraduate academic program has been submitted for accreditation to the Education Ministry on September 1st 2015.



This Master Program is conceived to be completed within three years.

Only in exceptional and well-justified cases, this time limit (3 years) may be further extended by a maximum period of one year.


Class hours

The course’s sessions are organized in three intensive phases of face to face training and tutored self-study, at IUSUR facilities in Montevideo.


Classes will be held eight hours a day, spread over the days of the classroom sessions (Monday to Sunday) within a period of two weeks.

Students enrolled in the program will receive 510 hours of classroom and supervised activities.

The 500 hours mentioned above do not include orientation, direction, or the elaboration of the final thesis.

The Master official languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish.



The curriculum plan includes ten curricular units and a public thesis defense, as follows:

  1. Epistemology and Research Methodology -ERM.

  2. Thesis Seminar - T S.

  3. Educational Foundations –EF.

  4. Teacher Formation and Training –TFT.

  5. Education Policies Compared –EPC.

  6. Virtual Education -VE / Virtual Higher Education – VHE.

  7. Seminars: Contemporary Problems of Basic Education -SCPBE / Contemporary Trends in Higher Education –CTHES.

  8. Elective credits –EC.

  9. Research Workshop – RW.

  10. Qualifying Exam –QE.

  11. Public Thesis Defense –PTD.



Profile of requirements

  • Academic prerequisites

Applicants for the MDE program must fulfill one of the following academic prerequisites:

  1. To have completed a 4 years Bachelor’s degree at a recognized university.

  2.  To hold a teacher training degree from a recognized tertiary education institution.


Language prerequisites

For admission to the MDE proof of sufficient knowledge of English and/or Spanish or Portuguese must be provided.


Application and admission procedure

 In order to start the admission procedure all candidates must contact IUSUR through the institutional e-mail address:

Application form and further information will be provided.

Deadline for application

  1. May 31st

  2. October 31st

Application fee

A non-refundable one hundred dollars - U$S 100.00 - Application fee must be paid. Payments can be made using either PayPal, International Credit Card, or bank transference.

Documents required

  • One (1) Application form completed.

  • One (1) letter of interest explaining the candidate’s interest in pursuing this Master's Degree. This document presents the applicant’s particular academic and professional qualities; career and academic goals that are expected to be achieved in the program.

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers or researchers (from university or tertiary education institution).

  • One (1) personal résumé in any academic format, in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

  • One (1) brief research proposal outlining the area of study for the thesis.

  • One (1) photocopy of Applicant’s Graduate Studies Diploma.

  • One (1) copy of the Application fee payment receipt.


The completed Application form, the Application fee payment receipt and the other required documents should be submitted   via e-mail to IUSUR:

The Program Admissions Committee will review, evaluate, and release a decision based on the candidate complete application package.

 The Admissions Committee may eventually conduct a personal interview with the candidate if it considers necessary to reach a decision.

The final decision regarding applicant’s admission or rejection to the MED will be through a written letter sent out to the candidate’s address provided.

 IUSUR could not start a cohort with less than 22 effectively enrolled students.

Registration and Enrollment

Admitted students may accept the admission offer contacting IUSUR at:

Applicants will receive the necessary information including the Registration form, and a model of the Student Payment Agreement form.


Requirements to begin the registration process

Phase I:

  1. Complete and sign the Registration form.

  2. Send the signed  Registration form in PDF format,  via e-mail to IUSUR:

  3. Sign two copies of the Student Payment Agreement form.
    The Student Payment Agreement form needs to be signed by the applicant on each page and also signed by two witnesses. The signature must be certified by a notary public.

  4. Make  payment of  tuition fee using either PayPal or bank transference and send via email a copy of the payment receipt to IUSUR:


In order to complete the registration process, after having complied with all requirements listed on Phase I, students should send to IUSUR by email, several documents as presented in Phase II as follows:


Phase II:

Documents required for completing the registration process

  • One (1) notarized copy of the identity document

  • One (1) photocopy of proof of residence

  • Two (2) color applicant photographs ( 3x4 format)

  • One (1) copy of undergraduate diploma (front and back) authenticated by a Public Notary.

  • One (1) photocopy of undergraduate Diploma.

  • One (1) authenticated photocopy of the rate record from the undergraduate institution attended.

  • Personal résumé, in any academic format.

In addition to the electronic version of the documents, paper copies of the Registration form, Student Payment Agreement form, tuition fee payment receipt and the other required documents should be sent to IUSUR via DHL, FedEx or similar international courier.


Accommodation facilities

International students arriving in Montevideo from overseas will be benefit from the opportunity to rent an accommodation at the Hotel Escuela Kolping. At the Hotel Escuela Kolping the MED courses will be held.

This Hotel School offers different types of room accommodations – single, double and triple - at low rates (between 25 to 50 dollars per day per person).


MED`s payment plan options

Payment plan options and fees are shown in the following table: 

All payments are due within the first 10 days of each month.



If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, please contact us:


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Twitter -@IUSURUY 

Mailing Address - Bvar. Artigas 2714 -Montevideo –Uruguay –CP 11.600

Phone number –Uruguay (598) 2486 0060 –

Cellular phones -Uruguay -(598) 99 627 -Brazil -(555) 51 9555 3055  -



Dr. Marialva Moog Pinto

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